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"Choosing to use my camera, not as a way to capture the superficial, but instead to unearth the soul."

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Phoenix Magazine Best of the Valley 2018 "best artisan or craftperson" David Lee Paparazzo Film
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“Scottsdale portrait photographer David Lee creates magic right from the confines of his studio. An expert in individual, couples, as well as family portraits, each capture by Lee is fashionable enough to be a stunning magazine cover. Despite being mostly shot against flat studio backdrops, he achieves an elegant fluidity in his compositions. This fluidity is rendered through the graceful positioning and postures of his subjects as well as through the incorporation of fabrics and textures that transform his photographs into pieces of fine art.” ~ peerspace





What Our Clients Say:

"All I can say is, wow! I brought my 6 young children to David, and he worked magic. He was able to capture all 6 of them in their own unique way." -Matt C.

"David is not only a truly remarkable photographer, he is an artist and an individual who cares greatly about the product of his labor and his customers. He ensures that you will be very comfortable before him. He searches for the real person in front of the lens. He has a crazy talent to draw that individual out and capture an image of that aspect of them before the shields go back up."-David D.

"After seeing the end result, I would never go elsewhere for a photographer...Trust me, this is one purchase that you wont regret! Best.Decision.Ever!!" - Suzanne D.

"I have worked with many photographers in the last few years. For the first time, I felt like I was actually working with a friend that I've known for years not just another photographer...I HIGHLY recommend David. He is well worth the investment!!!" -Joe N.


"All I can say is that from the beginning (Consultation of what we wanted) to the end (The Revealing, delivery and assisting in hanging up our large prints), what a wonderful photo shooting experience we had. My wife loved the whole glamour process, hair, makeup and wardrobe.  The session was fun and exciting - David has a way of making you feel like movie stars and getting you to relax at the same time."-Michael H.



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